Sir Boris The Brave and The Tall Tales Princess - Paperback

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Sir Boris the Brave is the boldest, bravest and busiest Knight in all the land. He's always busy despatching dragons, jousting with giants and toppling trolls. Sir Boris is busy removing a particularly pongy piece of goblin poo from his shoes when an urgent message arrives from Princess Tilly Talltales. It’s an emergency! She's been captured by an ogre, told-off by a witch and there's a dragon on the loose. But something is not quite right . . . is the princess actually telling the truth? A hilarious tale of silliness, bravery and crying wolf by debut author Marc Starbuck and illustrator Becka Moor.
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Author/Publisher: Egmont UK Ltd
Language: English  
Pages: 32
Publication Date: 10 July 1905