Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night - Black

AED 1,199.00

Getting enough sleep is a real challenge for many parents. But it's so important for wellbeing and ability to parent on.
Elegant prep day and night baby bottle maker from Tommee Tippee is a dream machine to help you do just that. Not only does it prep the elegant baby bottle in two minutes, it's also sleep friendly with added features specifically designed to make night feeding so much easier and quicker.
The Tommee Tippee elegant prep day and night machine - making baby bottle feeding a dream right around the clock.
How does the elegant prep machine work:
1) The formula Scoop the desired amount of milk formula powder into your baby bottle and select the oz of feed you require to make up from the machine.
2) The hotshot The prep machine will then release an initial hot shot of water into your baby bottle. At 70 degree C this will kill bacteria that may be present in the formula. The initial burst of hot water also helps to dissolve the formula quickly and easily.
3) The top up Press again to top up your bottle with cooler water and you're done - a fresh bottle at body temperature, all in under two minutes. Compatible with most branded baby bottles.
  • Baby bottle ready in 2 minutes - in just two minutes the elegant prep machine delivers your baby bottle fully prepared at the ideal volume and temperature
  • Sleep friendly volume control - bottle maker has adjustable volume control giving you the option to silently prepare baby bottles while the rest of the house still sleeps
  • Night-time glow - glow nightlight shines gently making night-time feeds clear and simple
  • Digital display - clear, easy to use digital display makes bottle feeding preparation as smooth as your baby's bum
  • Works with all formula brands - the elegant prep machine works with most baby bottles and baby formula brands.

Recommended Age: Suitable for 0 month and above

Expected Delivery: 3 days