Star Bunting

AED 75.00

This Personalized Star Bunting will make a great addition to your child's room. Hang it on their crib, on the wall or even on the door. You can also create a Happy birthday banner or a personalized name birthday banner.


Expected Delivery: 10 - 14 days
No. of Stars
Choose Shape


- Size - 8 (w) x 8 (h) cms
- Material - MDF Wood & Acrylic
- As you select the number of stars, please note 1 star can only have 1 alphabet on it. You can also add a set of a particular shape which will be included in both corners of the name at an additional cost of AED 50. For e.g.- If the name is Ryan and you want to add a Star shape, then the total number of Stars you need to select is 4 and choose the Shape as Star.
- If you wish to to have two different shapes as part of the name instead of the same, please provide details under Additional Instructions (For eg- If you want Star and Crown, choose either one as a set from the dropdown menu, but mention 1 Star and 1 Crown under Additional Instructions)
- If you wish to have only one star as a shape instead of a set of two, then please mention this under Additional Instructions. For eg- If the name is Aisha and you want one crown, then the total number of Stars you need to select is 6 and mention '1 star should be crown' under Additional Instructions)
- Available shapes that can be personalised on the stars: Airplane, Cloud, Crown, Flower, Heart, Rocket, Star
- Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it clean