Road Tape

AED 35.00
by Mideer

A kid's imagination is their greatest source of fun, and the Mideer Road Tape is perfect for building their own world of roads, highways, and racetracks. Let your little ones create instant roads anytime, anywhere. Let them take it to their friend's house, grandma's house, or anywhere! Compatible with all existing toy cars and trucks. Just unroll the tape, stick to any flat surface, and let your kid's imagination drive! This tape is sure to drive you up the wall, while simultaneously giving your child hours of fun as they zoom their toy cars over the track. However, do not fret as the tape is extremely easy to remove from surfaces, and leaves no sticky residue! This tape can also be easily torn off, so you do not even have to worry about them injuring themselves with the scissors, leaving you free to gear down and relax while they shift into imagination mode and enjoy hours of fun! Yes, this is the perfect toy for kids!

Expected Delivery: 2-3 days


- This stylish tape sticker set contains 2 rolls of tapes, 10 sheets of traffic stickers, and you can create your own traffic map. It's 5 meters long and it's a lot of fun. 

- Recognize rich traffic elements and experience more realistic planning fun in all directions.  

- Children can play without restraint. Be a careful planner and stick the stickers. 

- Skillfully practice fine hand movements, the tape that can be torn apart by hand 

- Strong stickiness allows for repeated use.  

- No sticky residue to eliminate cleaning troubles.