My Vision Board Planner

AED 60.00
Let your child develop a happy attitude towards life while growing. This growth mindset board along with 20 motivational quotes (velcro-based) will help the kids at every walk of life. You can place it on a table or on the wall.
Expected Delivery: 2-3 days


This set contains:
- A3 size unbreakable board.
- 26 full page mats included for every letter of the alphabet .
- 26 answer pages with each matching word accompanied by the image.
- 1 write and erase pen

How to Use: Make this a part of your child's routine where he notes down his wishes, his strength points and also areas where he needs to work on. The 20 quotes on what I believe and what I follow also needs to be changed timely so that kids get their regular dose of positivity and motivation.