Mag Qubez - Magnetic Cube Blocks 56 Pieces

AED 70.00
  • Our newest Educational Magnet Building Block for Toddler and Kids
  • Puzzle 3D Cube Construction Toy w/Free Idea Book
  • STEM Learning Kit
  • Education Stacking Sensory Mix & Match Toy
  • Size: 2 cms

Unleash Unimaginable Creativity - Introducing the 2 cms magnetic puzzle cube sensory toy construction building block, designed with click and collect magnetized connectors discreetly integrated into the bricks for an intuitive and engaging play experience. This educational STEM toy offers a world of learning opportunities, fostering problem-solving abilities, enhancing fine motor skills, promoting spatial reasoning, logic training, critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination, all while facilitating optimal brain development in children. With limitless possibilities, this toy encourages creativity to the fullest - if you can dream it, you can build it and bring it to life!

Unlock Boundless Learning Adventures - Embrace the world of open-ended possibilities with our visual learning sensory toys and magnetic cube construction magnet building block toy kit. Early development of STEAM skills becomes a joyous experience as children immerse themselves in vibrant colors, artistic expression, geometrical shapes, number counting, 3D architectural design, and structural engineering. Perfect for preschoolers, kindergarten children, and toddlers, these toys foster creativity and teamwork through pretend play, group activities, and classroom settings. Boys and girls aged 3, 4, 5, and beyond will delight in creating unlimited designs and shapes, making learning an enjoyable and unforgettable journey.

Limitless Delight - Whether indulging alone or with a group, experience endless entertainment and a shared sense of accomplishment. Our magnetic construction blocks are crafted with utmost safety in mind, being BPA-FREE and NON-TOXIC, suitable for all ages (3+ and up). With the ability to build from any side of the magical magnetic block, the creative possibilities are boundless. Gather with loved ones, collaborate, and challenge each other to craft something extraordinary, making cherished memories together. Unleash the power of your imagination and ignite inspiration in others as you embark on a journey to construct remarkable creations that know no bounds!

Restorative and Calming - Free your children from the grasp of digital screens and electronic devices like TV, gaming consoles, smartphones, or tablets, and reclaim peaceful moments at home. Our puzzle cube toy set offers a sanctuary of possibilities, fostering critical thinking, igniting creativity, and stimulating STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) skills. Embrace a trouble-free and enjoyable preschool and creative learning experience for your child through captivating hands-on play. Let this therapeutic toy open the doors to a world of imagination and intellectual growth, leaving behind the distractions of the digital era.

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