Baby Compress Cold / Colic Relief

AED 80.00
A natural solution for easing colic pain in babies. It is packed with the goodness of carom seeds, flaxseeds and other herbs that soothes a baby's discomfort and effectively decongests. The compress is safe to use for newborns, so you can use it once your little one shows symptoms of colic or restlessness to pacify them with this comforting compress.
Expected Delivery: 1-2 days


- 100% plant-based: free from toxic chemicals and contaminants.
- Traditional Ayurveda: Inspired by timeless traditional sleep support for babies.
- Hygenic- removable, washable cotton cover

How to use:
After removing the outer cover, place the bib in microwave with a glass of water for a minute and slip it back in cover. Check the warmness before placing it around neck-chest area of the baby. Can be used as frequently as desired according to baby's comfort.

Cleaning Instructions:
Do not wash the compress, only wash the outer cover of the compress. Remove the cotton cover and wash it with a chemical-free detergent. You can place the compress in sunlight for a few hours once in a month.