AED 75.00

Designed for young minds, these flashcards take your child on a journey to discover animals and the wild jungle, and will spark curiosity in no time!

Introduce your little one's to cognitive learning and vocabulary recognition at an early age. These colourful illustrated alphabet cards make it all the more fun and interesting for your little one to not only identify alphabets but also relate to animals that begin with the same alphabet, teaching them how to co-relate pictures & letters. These set of cards come in a convenient size, with rounded edges & fit perfectly into an illustrated cardboard box, making it a great kids or toddler gift.

  • Each box consists of a set of 26 unique hand illustrated alphabet cards with a large colour blocked alphabet on the front, and an illustrated animal corresponding to the respective alphabet at the back
  • Comes packaged in an easy to store cards box
  •  Card size: 4”(w) x 6” (h)
Expected Delivery: 3 days


Each pack has 26 double sided cards, with upper and lower case letters, the whole word and captivating illustrations.