Topper Takes a Trip

AED 115.00
Who doesn't love a trip to the beach? Let your little ones join in the fun as they take an imaginary trip with Topper. Included in the game is a packing list and a suitcase in to which they can put in a towel, a beach ball and other beach necessities. With five locations to choose from, your little ones will be happy to pack up and plan for their next destination.
Expected Delivery: 4-5 days


Includes: Topper's suitcase, 5 location cards, 5 packing lists, 25 packing pieces, Parent guide and instructions

Recommended Age: 2-6 years

Learning benefits:
1. Improves Memory and Matching
2. Improves Vocabulary and Categorizing
3. Encourages Story-Telling and Pretend Play
4. Improves Planning, Sequencing and Organization