Shopping List

AED 70.00
Get ready for a supermarket sweep with this #1 Best-Seller! Your little ones will flip over cards depicting everyday items and see if the image on their card matches one on their list. Watch the fun they have filling in their trolleys or baskets and making a dash for the checkout! With two ways to play, Shopping List is a great game to learn matching, early vocabulary and improve memory skills.
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Includes: 32 item playing cards, 2 shopping trolleys, 2 shopping baskets, 4 shopping lists, Instruction leaflet

Recommended Age: 3-7 years

Product Dimensions: 7.5"" x 5.5"" x 2.0""

Learning benefits:
1. Improves Matching and Memory
2. Encourages Early Vocabulary
3. Improves Imagination and Pretend Play
4. Encourages Turn-Taking