Panda's Picnic in the Park

AED 115.00
Match shapes and colors at a pretend picnic with Panda! Spread out the blanket, set out the plates, and reach in to the picnic basket! Your little ones will delight at the surprises they pull out, naming each one by shape or color, and matching it to their plate. With a couple of variations for play, switch up the game and change up the difficulty level, for endless fun learning.
Expected Delivery: 4-5 days


Includes: 1 picnic basket, 1 picnic blanket, 3 plates, 16 picnic food pieces, Parent guide and instructions

Recommended Age:  2-5 years

Learning benefits:
1. Improves Matching
2. Improves Vocabulary and Categorizing
3. Encourages Story-Telling and Pretend Play
4. Improves Fine and Gross Motor Skills
5. Encourages Turn-Taking