Llama Blossom Color 100% Cotton Knitted All Seasons AC Blanket for Babies

AED 95.00
by Pluchi
Happy Giraffe baby blanket is made with utmost care using 100% cotton that can maintains moderate temperature, improves sleep and reduces allergies. This knitted blanket is sure to make your walk in the park more fun and comfortable, a great stroller blanket. Big enough for a cozy snuggle and small enough to take everywhere and use in carseat, swing, bouncer or while cuddled up. Size 80cms X 100cms - Ideal for new borns up to 18 months.
Expected Delivery: 7 days


• 100%   Combed Cotton Baby AC Blanket in Natural and Blossom Color
• Size: 75cm x 100cm  (29.5"" x 40"")
• Perfect as AC Blanket - Cool in Summers & Warm in Winters
• Knitted & Breathable, Very Soft Handfeel
• Free of Harmful Substances