Lemonade Shake Up!

AED 100.00
Lemonade for sale! In this game, players must shake up the dice to match the recipe, and make some lemonade. They must then select a customer to serve and collect their earnings in the money jar. Miss a match and it’s a sour lemon for the team. Four sour lemons, and it’s game over. Your little ones will enjoy working together to fill up their money jar!
Expected Delivery: 4-5 days


Includes: 1 recipe card, 4 sour lemon tokens, 12 customer cards, 1 money card, 12 quarter tokens, 5 dice, 1 plastic cup, Parent guide and instructions

Recommended Age:  4-8 years

Learning benefits:
1. Improves Sorting, Matching and Counting
2. Improves Executive Function Skills (i.e. Decision Making)
3. Boosts Imagination and Pretend Play
4. Encourages Cooperative Play