AED 90.00
Imitator is a fast-thinking game that sounds like… a spider? popcorn? walking in the crunchy snow? In this game, each player takes a turn making a sound, corresponding to one of twelve always-changing image cards. The player that correctly guesses the sound, claims the corresponding image card. The first player to collect the determined number of image cards wins. Packed in an eye-catching carry-along tin, this game is perfect to take on vacations, play at family game nights, or even pull out at a party!


Includes: 12 number cards, 5 image cards, and 12 number tokens

Recommended Age: 6+ years

Learning benefits:
1. Encourages Attention and Observation
2. Encourages Description and Critical Thinking Skills
3. Improves Listening Skills
4. Encourages Turn-Taking