Geomag Classic - Glow 30

AED 130.00
With its magical forces of magnetism, Classic - Glow promotes STEM learning and takes creativity to new heights! Made up of steel spheres, and glow-in-the-dark magnetic rods and panels, your little builders can create a spaceship, an architecturally sound bridge or even a decorative star – the possibilities are limitless! As their constructions take shape and develop, so will their curiosity and imagination!
Expected Delivery: 2-3 days


Includes: 16 spheres, 13 magnetic rods, 1 shape panel

Recommended Age: 3+ years

Learning benefits:
1. Improves Spatial Awareness and Orientation
2. Improves Motor Sequencing and Planning
3. Improves Precision and Grip
4. Boosts Creativity and Constructive Play
5. Develops STEM Skills