Crazy Chefs Game

AED 90.00
Pizza, skewers, and cupcakes… learn about delicious foods and ingredients from around the world, with Crazy Chefs. Your little ones will join chefs in the crazy kitchen and collect the ingredients and utensils they need to make a meal. But they must spin the spinner to get their plate and wait their turn to cook. Play to find out who will be the first to serve up a tasty meal.
Expected Delivery: 4-5 days


Includes: 35 ingredient/utensil cards, 5 meal cards, 5 plate cards, 5 chef boards, 1 spinner, Instruction leaflet

Recommended Age: 3-6 years

Learning benefits:
1. Encourages Attention and Observation 
2. improves Matching and Memory
3. Improves Vocabulary and Categorization
4. Encourages Turn-Taking and Pretend Play